I have started this blog in order to celebrate the age old British tradition of Afternoon Tea (and yes, the capital letters are necessary).  Being a very busy working individual, one of my favourite outside-of-work hobbies is eating (naturally), and in particular, eating afternoon tea (with friends if they can handle my constant talking and munching).

I could start with a long essay explaining the history of afternoon tea, but in short, it was invented in the 1800’s by an aristocratic lady who found herself peckish in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner.  This evolved from a simple pot of tea and nibbling some sandwiches, into the three-tiered sweet and savoury delight we now know.

There’s probably some serious Afternoon Tea etiquette, but I have three simple rules I live by:

  1.  Afternoon tea can occur at any time in the “afternoon” (with today’s large portion sizes, it is often consumed as lunch itself)
  2.  Afternoon tea can occur on any day of the week, preferably after a tough day/week at work (to maximise appreciation)
  3. It must contain finger sandwiches (of any type), proper scones (with clotted cream and jam), and some sweet cakes/desserts (varying from traditional to modern)

No two afternoon tea experiences are the same, and as such, I have taken it upon myself to go to as many places and eat as many Afternoon Teas as possible. I’ll let you know how I get on and pass on any hints on where you need to go to next.