An Idea…

I never realised how much Afternoon Tea meant to me until the Summer 0f 2016 (when I was turned away from an establishment because of a private party – quite rightly).

I had a mini panic because I’d set out to have Afternoon Tea, and all of a sudden my plans were unraveling (this is a massive issue for a “planning-perfectionist” like me).20161001_140229

Luckily, I kept my cool, got in my car and did a quick Google search. A couple of miles down the road was another option, so all was not lost. I had my Afternoon Tea fix, and ended my day quite contented.

A seed was planted.

Slowly, but surely, an idea was forming in my head. If I loved Afternoon Tea this much, surely there were others out there with a similar love? Or, if there weren’t, I could spread the love by visiting as many restaurants, hotels, cafes, and tea rooms as I could and let everyone know what I thought.

My “experience” is merely gained through a LOT of eating (scones, jam, clotted cream, cakes, finger sandwiches, etc) and my tastes are completely my own (e.g. I cannot stand Early Grey tea, so I’ll never comment on/order it). BUT, as an average layperson, I feel my opinion is fair, and quite informative, so that anyone can make an informed decision about where to spend an enjoyable few hours in the afternoon.

This is my first post, and I hope to learn how to “blog” a bit better as the weeks go on. So bear with me, and enjoy the ride!

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